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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

hdImg_07e6627c1d9bac8631d9d85a694a2716 Gary Gu, President of MMA

Gary is a strong believer in civic engagement. That's why he has been actively involved in the non-for-profit sector and localcommunities in Peel. Currently, he is the President of Mississauga Mandarin Association (MMA). He successfully led MMA into a vital local culturally sensitive non-for-profit organization.

c2f94f75c04cd5d1ec7f1e71381fe170  Petrus Tang, Vice President of MMA

Petrus is a registered psychotherapist, and he has developed a deep passion for charitable work. He spend most of his life serving in non-for-profit sector. He has a strong sense of devotion for improving family life and human wellbeing in Peel Region. Currently he is the vice president of MMA, and is responsible for the development of parenting programs.

gui  Weidong GuiVice President of MMA

Gui has been board member of MMA for 3 years with stronger belief that Chinese community is able to do more and play a stronger role in peel region. He is willing to put his efforts together with MMA board directors for enhancing influence power of Chinese community, enriching Chinese community's life and integrating Chinese culture into mainstream of Canadian culture, as working for non profitable organization, he dedicates him ability, time and enthusiasm to  push that belief forward.

Minna  Minna Zhu, Board Director, Treasure

Minna has been dedicated her career in finance and taxation field. She has both CPA and CMA under her belt.

Minna has been a passionate volunteer in Chinese community as well as in Peel Region. She just received ONTARIO Volunteer Award this spring.

hdImg_17de0cd8de800cfe3944b8132e255ac2 Janny Jia, Board Director, PR and Volunteer Management

Janny loves mathematics. She’s been a senior Math teacher for many years. Her passion is to help more middle school and high school students to win math competition awards.

Janny has been elected as MMA board director, in Charge of Public Relation and Volunteer Management.

2d6f533cee5abbf0606dc02453e21380  Yvonne Wang, Board Director, Event and Activities

Yvonne had a career in professional dancing and event planning before she came to Canada. She continues utilizing these skills and experiences serving Chinese community in Peel Region.

Yvonne is full of fantastic ideas in organizing events and activities. Her passion is to support children’s EQ development through social activities.

a5a3fb728cf40587fed5e3d0ad6a0705  Shirley Li, Executive Director of MMA

Nobody is more energetic than Shirley is. She takes care of a big family with three generations; help her husband in real estate business and runs MMA errands at the same time.

Shirley has a wonderful community network, which was established through her passionate volunteering works over the years.

Hong, Jing, MMA Board Secretary

Hong Jing has been a board director of MMA since 2011. She is passionate in serving the Chinese community. As the secretary of the board, she makes sure that all MMA`s documents are in order.

Hong Jing is a social worker by profession.

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