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MMA Official Launch Of the Strategy 2013 – 2016


October 25th marked a new start of MMA – Mississauga Mandarin Association. A press conference was organized by newly restructured MMA team and held at Peel Chinese Community Service Hub to launch a new strategic plan by MMA. The 3-year plan (for 2013 – 2016) outlines MMA’s vision, mission, value, and short-mid term goals. It also provides guidelines for the improvement and development of MMA’s organization construction and operation optimization.

MMA board members and their volunteer team were excited to have been joined by nearly 40 distinguished guests from all walks of life. Among them were MPP Dipika Damerla; Mississauga City Councillor Ron Starr; Deputy Consul-General of the Consulate General of PRC in Toronto Wu Dongmei; Program Manager at the Ontario Trillium Foundation Gilmar Militar and representatives from governments, charities and community service agencies.

MMA’s president Gary Gu delivered his presentation illustrating how MMA is going to be a productive agent and to provide a platform for civic engagement. What made the presentation stand out were a comprehensive survey that MMA has conducted in Peel Region, as well as Gary’s passion toward the Chinese Community, his unique perception of MMA’s role and his unshakable confidence in MMA team.

Following Gary’s presentation, the floor was given to Vice President James Zhou and Petrus Tung, Board Director Weidong Gui and Wella Zhang to give a few words about MMA’s ongoing and planned activities respectively. All presentations surely have left great impression to all participants, effectively raised MMA profile and once again boosted the morale of MMA team.

Ms. Dipika Damerla, Mr. Ron Starr and Ms. Wu Dongmei gave their speeches after the question and answer period. They all highly and unanimously commended MMA for its dedication and contribution to Chinese community, City of Mississauga and the Peel Region. Their views and comments were inspiring, encouraging and made MMA team more proud of the cause it is serving.

MMA team is now fully mobilized and set out for actions.
Oct 25  MMA Board

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